We get inquiries about our coaching services from people all over the world. And they all have different reasons for wanting to learn Spanish, such as a desire to communicate with Spanish-speaking relatives or with the locals when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. Several students join us to advance their careers by learning Spanish.

Others want to learn Spanish for the personal challenge. This was the case for our student Shirley.

Shirley wanted to prove to herself that she could learn something new as she approached retirement. So she decided to tackle one of the most difficult personal challenges out there — learning a new language — to stay sharp and develop a new skill. And we were happy to help! Here she is being interviewed in Spanish:

By the way, this was my reason for learning Spanish! I challenged myself to become bilingual using accelerated learning techniques — and ultimately created Accelerated Spanish to help others do the same.

No matter what your reason for learning Spanish is, we’re excited to get you there.

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